Choices Stories You Play – What’s In-Store For You This 2018

Choices Stories You Play – What’s In-Store For You This 2018

Choices: Stories You Play is one of the best games that was ever developed and made available for the avid players to download using their gadgets. This game requires emotional intelligence, tact, and also logical reasoning. This is unique compared to the other games. This I engaging and will definitely get you hooked on their fantasy adventures, emotional love stories, and also crime detection.

The unique selling point of the game is that the Player would be making the “choices” which will greatly affect the outcome of the visual stories. This simply means that you will be in full control of what will happen at every stage. This is what makes it different from the other games that have a fixed story line.

Choices: Stories You Play – Best Game Features

This game was developed and launched by Pixel berry Studios. It can be downloaded from the App Store if you are using iPhones or iPads, or also from Google Play Store if you are using Android devices. Pixel berry Studios has partnered with Cybersmile and NEDA to create several scenarios that would be able to educate and provide awareness to the players while giving them the best entertainment.

This app is very popular with teenagers worldwide. This is very easy to play that even new users are able to enjoy the game seamlessly. If you are having trouble, there is an online community for Choices Stories You Play Game. This has received the highest ranking where it is at the 15-16 spot in the free app games in iPhones, and on the 52nd sport on iPad game choices.

The Keys and Diamonds

 The player would need to unlock keys and diamonds for them to be able to enjoy special items or advanced access throughout the game. Keys and diamonds are very important when you want to complete the game from the start to the finish. There will also be bonus features which is an amazing add-on to the game which will help dictate your terms and may change how the story goes.

 If you visit the Online community for Choices Stories You Play Game, you will be surprised to unfold some secrets on how to get keys and diamonds for free. There are now hacks and cheats that will help you ease out of the urge of purchasing the things needed just to continue with the game.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to level up your Choices: Stories You Play experience. You can now unlock the keys and diamonds for free, without spending real money for the game. The game gets more interesting on each level, which makes it hard to let go.

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