Preventing Intruders from Climbing Over Your Fences

Preventing Intruders from Climbing Over Your Fences

Prevention is always better than cure. By adding some toppings on your fence, it is possible for you to make sure that intruders would stay away from climbing over your fences and breaking in.However, by adding such toppings to your fences, we cannot guarantee that your property will be a hundred percent safe from Intruders. But definitely, having a well guarded fence around your property is better than nothing. One such efficient topping for your fence is fence spikes.

topping for your fence

Let’s now take a look at the different toppings you can have for your fence.

  • Razor tapes and barbed wire

You would have seen some thorny wires wound over some fences. These barbed wire and razor tapes have been widely used for a long time. They can be used to protect your fences, if they are above 2.4 meters in height, after you have acquired a permission.But don’t you think these would have a rather dark effect added to your property. Also, you have to add appropriate warning signs. Another major disadvantages with them is that, intruders coming with heavy duty wire cutters or a blanket can easily climb over these fences.

  • Broken glass topping

This is also one of the toppings I’ve seen widely used by people to protect their fences. Having glass pieces protrude from the surface of your fence is not a beautiful sight. The recommended height for its usage is for fences above 2.4 meters. If you use this topping, you should also put up the necessary warning boards too. The disadvantage here is that, the intruder can eliminate the glass topping by using a hammer and a blanket.

  • Fence spikes

Manufactured spikes for fences come in different sizes intended for both commercial and household usage. The long angled spikes are often used for commercial purposes while the shorter ones of height 15 mm, made out of plastic is for household use. The spikes come in strips which can be glued, screwed or nailed on to the top of your fence. You need to find out about the height requirements from the local authorities before you use a spike as a topping for your fence.

Take care not to place objects around the house that can be used by intruders to obtain a height advantage to climb over your fence.Use the toppings and make secure your property from Intruders.

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