Rent to Own- Turning a Renter into Homeowner

Rent to Own- Turning a Renter into Homeowner

Thinking about owning a Home? Make your thought into a reality with Rent to Own Homes home partner program. To own a home in San Antonio Texas, you can go for the program as it is one of the most creative alternatives for the home finance. It is also an amazing opportunity for the people who are renters at present but wish to live in their own house. This program will secure a future home for those people. The special thing is that you don’t get any home from the program instead you will choose the home yourself.

To take apart in the program you have to apply for a lease first and then take the help of the best realtor in San Antonia which is Ray McCurty. As soon as you get the lease approval, you can go on a hunt for the perfect house, a single apartment, a duplex, or other. You also have to sign an agreement with Rent to Own Homes, to ensure that you are an authentic candidate for the Program.

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Some of the requirement to buy a home with the help of Rent to Own Homes is fulfilling the below constraints:

  • Down Payment: As all the property buying arrangement requires, you have to make a down payment for your house to ensure that you are really interested in the program. Your money will be held by the service and they will keep it in escrow until all the option to buy the house is exercised.
  • Purchase Price: The Purchase price of the house is set according to the present market instead of the expected price of the future when the buying option will be implemented.
  • Legal Title: The legal title of the house can only be transferred to the renter only if he/she buys the house in the time period set up in the agreement. This means that the title of the house will stay in the owner’s name until unless the landlord-tenant relationship clause ceases to exist. And ultimately, the option will become a case of an absolute and binding contract for sale.

Rent to Own does exactly what its name implies. It rents the house to a tenant based on an agreement with the landlord or company stating that you will buy the property at the end of the pre-arranged time set and a fixed price value.

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