Using The Reverse Chord Finder To Identify The Chords You Are Playing

Using The Reverse Chord Finder To Identify The Chords You Are Playing

The soothing and entertaining music you listen to every day is made up of notes, chords, and chord progressions. Understanding the mechanics and technology behind music creation is crucial whether you are a musician, a music producer or a mere music listener. It doesn’t come easy though. Unless you have a trainer or chord generating tool, it may seem impossible to identify and create even the simplest music chords and scales.  Are you having problems creating and identifying music chords and scales? That’s because you lack a simple and effective chord generating tool like the reverse chord finder.

It helps You Identify Chords Using Note Values

Every song is made up of individual notes. The combination of notes makes a chord. The reverse chord finder tool uses the note values on certain music to generate the corresponding chords. All you need is to supply the note names of the music you are playing on the tool’s virtual piano keyboard and the resulting chords will be generated.

It Helps You Discover Chords Using Regular Piano Chord Namer

With this amazing online tool for creating and identifying music chords, you can as well identify the chords of the music you are playing using the virtual piano text box commonly found at the lower end of the chord. All you need to do is to enter the chord name of the music you are playing at the text box and the corresponding music notes that make up such a chord will be generated. With such notes, you can easily identify the chords of the music by entering the note values on the virtual piano keyboard as we did on the first step.

Identify Music Chords Using The Scale Identifier

Creating and identifying music chords using this tool can as well be done easily with the help of the scale identifier.  All you have to do to identify the exact chord of the music you are writing or producing is to enter a specific root and a mode. The two will give the specific chord of the music you are interested in.


If you are a music producer or writer looking to identify the chords of your music, you should identify the perfect tool for the job. There are multiple tools available online some of which cannot be relied on. Do your search and ensure you find the perfect tool that is verified and proven to be effective and reliable such as piano chord finder.

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