BTC Wallet – A Place to Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe

BTC Wallet – A Place to Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe

Bitcoins are a new era of currency and they are different from those currencies issued by bank. Bitcoins are a type of cryptocurrency which uses blockchain technology. Unlike other currencies these currencies can also be bought but using an altogether different process. From normal banks you withdraw money and deposit it by the ATM or by visiting the bank, but in case of bitcoins you need to have a btc wallet for the transaction of the bitcoins. These wallets are high secured by the latest encryption techniques which can only be accessed by the individual with whom the API key for the wallet is shared.

The working of bitcoin wallet is somewhat different from your regular digital wallet. If you know a little bit about the btc then it is possible for you to understand the working of the wallet for bitcoins.


Where you can have bitcoin wallets? 

You can have bitcoin wallets either on your PC or on your mobile phone. To have a wallet on PC, you need to create a wallet first where you can keep your bitcoins safe and intact. Some of the desktop wallets are Atomic, Exodus, Jaxx, Electrum, Armory and many others.

There are wallets for the phone too and for both Android as well as iOS operating systems. The wallets for Android devices are Abra, Coinomi, Airbitz and iOS devices are BRD and Airbitz.

Hence, so you can choose your own preferred wallet type for PC as well as for mobile devices.

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