A helpful tip for selecting ideal Handheld Optical-Power-Meter

A helpful tip for selecting ideal Handheld Optical-Power-Meter

If you are an experienced electrician, definitely you’ve come across or even used an electronic multimeter for measuring current, resistance, and voltage. An optical-power-meter operates and looks just the same as a multimeter. This device features a calibrated sensor and measures power light display transmitted through optical fibers. Agilent Handheld FTIR is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of the best quality Optical Power Meter.

Where to use OPM

Optical Power Meter (OPM) is widely used in the optical fiber communication industry. OPM comes in two different types; handheld and desktop type. The desktop type consists of higher resolution used in the R and D application lab, systems manufacturing, and optic fiber components.

The handheld type is designed with lower resolution and also features handheld footprint easy field use. Therefore, optic fiber cabling technicians often utilize it in telecom, data center, and CATV network maintenance.

Power meter working wavelength

The most commonly used handheld power meter usually has wavelengths such as 850nm, 1310nm, 1300nm, and 1550nm. 1300nm and 850nm are multimode applications. 1550nm and 1310nm are typically an application for a single mode. The best way of choosing the best optical power is by selecting the one calibrated with four wavelengths. Therefore, you can cover both single and multimode network applications.

Traceable optic fiber power-meter-calibration

Agilent Handheld FTIR

Traceable calibration standards, like the NIST standard, usually calibrate optic meters. NIST lab offers standards and measurement used in the United States Industry.

Types of detectors

A handheld optical power detector is typically responsible for converting light power energy in an electron volt. So, a circuit board on the instrument can analyze it appropriately. This type of detector usually determines the dynamic range and its wavelength range. Also, there is a silicon detector type that can detect a wavelength of 350nm to 1100nm. Additionally, the Germanium power meter can detect 750nm to 1800nm. The most common InGaAs detectors can also measure 850nm to 1640nm.

Dynamic range

The dynamic range of an optical power meter lights

An optical power meter’s dynamic range can tell the spectrum of light power that can correctly and effectively measure. Talking of sof power, most people usually use a B unit. For reference, the light energy of 1Nw can be defined as 0 dBm. The power meter handheld with -50 + 3dBm has a dynamic range that can measure light intensity form 0.0001Mw to 3mW.

Optical-Power-Meters Manufacturers

The handheld-power-meter is crowded with Agilent handheld FTIR, Noyes, EXPO, and other lesser recognized brand names. This kind of product is quite mature and you can safely use it safely around the shop. Also, other mode factors are considered relative accuracy, display precision, adapter type, and much more. Visit Agilent handled FTIR official website for more information.

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