Corrected tax return, duties regulate the tax code

Corrected tax return, duties regulate the tax code

Under certain prerequisites and conditions, you can subsequently correct a tax return.According to the tax code (§ 153 AO) you are obliged to correct tax returns if you realize that, for example, the submitted income tax return contains incorrect or incomplete information. It plays a role here that the consequence may or already is a reduction in taxes.

  • If you have made a mistake with figures for the benefit of the tax office, this has no consequences for you from a tax law perspective. Even if you have submitted a tax return as the heir of a taxpayer, you are subject to this obligation.
  • You are obliged to correct your tax return in the event that the requirements for a tax exemption, tax reduction or tax benefit change because they are subsequently completely or partially eliminated.
  • You must also notify the tax office if you, as an entrepreneur, want to use tax-reduced goods in such a way that they contradict the applicable conditions and tax regulations.

Important deadlines and conditions

The income tax return is just one of several tax returns. Therefore, different deadlines and various conditions must be observed. This depends on the type of procedure in question.

As an entrepreneur, you can make corrections to a VAT return at any time

All you have to do is fill out a new form with corrected information and submit it. If incorrect information is found in the VAT return, it will be corrected immediately and conclusively. Use the online tax filing with taxfyle is important.

The extent to which corrections to income tax, sales tax and trade tax returns are possible depends on the current status of the proceedings. If you have not yet received a final tax assessment, send the tax office an informal letter asking them to change the information. Enclose receipts. The information will be improved on this basis.

If you have already received your tax assessment, you must observe a period of thirty days from the date of receipt in order to object. You can also initiate corrections during this time. After the deadline has expired, the decision becomes final. However, the legislature allows final tax assessments to be corrected.

The prerequisite is that the notification has been issued subject to the re-examination (pursuant to Section 164 (1) AO). If the reservation does not apply, changes can only be made retrospectively if the tax authorities have made obvious mistakes.

After the fourth year of filing the tax return, no corrections can be made, as the assessment period has ended. The tax office will only approve changes in the case of frivolous tax reduction or tax evasion.

Tax evasion – impunity through voluntary disclosure

Anyone who deliberately fills in a tax return incorrectly and hides money and assets is committing tax evasion. However, the legislature grants the possibility of a tax voluntary disclosure.

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