How to take care after microblading? Simplified and explained

How to take care after microblading? Simplified and explained

It is really amazing how you carry yourself everywhere, the confidence in you is really necessary and this is a really good thing to maintain. You should never feel nervous in any place at any point of time. If you are feeling nervous it is most probably because you feel you don’t look good, you should understand that everyone in the world is equally beautiful so to be better than others, then you should definitely try eyebrow microblading and this is really safe and will be very useful to you.

Microblading aftercare

If you ever try getting treated under this then you should always follow the protocol that is microblading aftercare, it is really safe but only if you take good care and if you spoil it, then the treatment will be of no use. When you finish microblading you should use a soft cotton pad and keep whipping the entire area where you got treated and do this every one hour till you go to bed, repeat this process till the first 5 days and the next 4 days the scraps start coming out it might look a little patchy but don’t be scared, it will go with the balm we give you, be patient and don’t panic about it. 

What all you should be avoiding after the treatment? 

After you get treated that undergoes eyebrow microblading, you will have to avoid a few things for a few days as those might spoil the whole treatment done. Always avoid sunbathing, because if sunlight falls on the place where you were treated, it will burn the area and this is really risky and also fruit acids should be avoided in order to protect yourself from any damage. Light therapies will also be dangerous so see that you don’t have any of those too. Chemical peels are also equally risky so avoid it and you will be fine and keep following the protocol and you will be looking so good; it is worth doing all this and you will also agree to it for sure.

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