How to Water Your Marijuana Plant?

How to Water Your Marijuana Plant?

Cannabis is the tough plant and majority of the strains are forgiving in case you lax with the water supply. But, consistent water stress will be detrimental to their health and ultimate quality of this plant. Thus, it is very important for each grower interested in the fresh, healthy and robust leaves to learn how to water your cannabis seeds plants in a right way and at right times.

Hydration is important for the Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants need lots of water, particularly when they are going to flower. As the general rule, the cannabis plants must not be allowed going for long without any water. Depriving your seeds of water for very long can hamper the nutrient intake & growth will get stunted, which can lead to the poor yields.

When watering your plants, caution must be taken to make sure you do not supply a lot of water as this might lead to undesirable conditions like botrytis & root rot amongst various other problems. Ideally, you must determine critical amount of the water required by a plant based on strain, size, and growth stage.

Know when you must water your plants

As knowing amount of water getting supplied to your plant is very important, it is equally important to know exactly when you must do watering. Most of the growers agree the best time one can water cannabis plant must be during night time or in the morning.

It’s argued that watering during night and earlier during a day can allow your plant enough time to know all the nutrients effectively as most of this plant processes depends on the sunlight and it is available just during a day time.

Watering when sun is up, however, is not encouraged, as in natural set up, the precipitation do not take place when sun is shining. Besides, water droplets that will stay on leaves may act like a magnifying glass when the sunlight falls over it and lead to the leaf burn.

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