Is a retractable privacy screen ideal for a patio?

Is a retractable privacy screen ideal for a patio?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced parents and kids to work from home. And this new normal is set to remain in place for at least a year more. These days, everyone is looking for additional space in the house. You can quickly turn the outdoor seating area, patio, or balcony into a usable room with motorized outdoor patio screens.

Helps in keeping your house cool

Retractable outdoor screens can keep your property cool during hotter months by letting less sunlight into the house. Your home air conditioning system needs to work less to keep the premises cool. Ultimately, the property becomes energy-efficient, and you can save a lot on electricity bills.

Spending more time outdoors

No matter whichever space you wish to cover, outdoor zip screens can be customized to fit pergola or gazebo, front porch, or patio. All these areas can be transformed into a three-season room with the help of a screen. You and your family members can spend more time in the outdoor space and enjoy open-air living.

Protection from solar penetration and insects

Besides the reduction in solar penetration, these screens also offer insect protection and enhanced privacy while in a closed state. Thanks to their high resistance to wind, you won’t have to worry about rough weather. Just ensure that you buy a screen made from durable fabric.

Remember, the screen material needs to be selected after considering how and where the privacy screen is to be installed. Doors, windows, and patio screens in some areas experience constant wear and tear due to extreme weather. Homeowners living in such localities can choose from screen materials like bronze, aluminum, fiberglass, polyester, or any of the rough fabrics, to suit their needs.

Motorized retractable privacy screen or a manual one

There are two outdoor patio screen variants available in the market, manual and a motorized one. If you are looking for a low-cost traditional alternative, a manual patio screen with a gearbox can be ideal for you. If you are looking for hassle-free controls, a motorized one can close or open the screen with the help of a button within seconds. Suppliers can provide perfectly fit screens after careful inspection of the areas to be covered. These retractable outdoor patio screens consist of superb quality fabric that has a perfect finesse and an appealing look. Manufacturers offer a warranty cover for most components in these motorized units.

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