The Best Administrations Provided in a Dementia Day Care Center

The Best Administrations Provided in a Dementia Day Care Center

In the recent days, many of the older people are suffering with dementia. You can find some dementia day care centres for the adults to take care of them. The dementia day care Singapore offers a planned activity of programs in case setting of professionals to take care of the adults. This is the best place for the older people who are lonely or isolated and suffering with dementia.

What are the services offered in a dementia day care center?

Let’s discuss about the services provided in dementia day care.


Nutritious meals are provided to the dementia people in this day care for three times a day. There are also special diets offered along with the snacks to the elders.

Health services:

It can be different from one person to another person. It is about checking their blood pressure, vision screening, and management of symptoms. This also includes some serious therapeutic and medical services.

Caregiver services:

Few centers offer support groups for caregivers, offer counselling, and help for care planning etc.


Some of the day care centers offer transportation from one place to another place and then to the care center. Sometimes they are taken to the local outings.

Social activities:

This action includes the checking of the health conditions and capabilities of participants. It might involve musical entertainment, arts, and crafts. It also involves some games of stimulation like bingo stretching or gentle exercise.

Thus, these are some of the services offered in dementia day care center.

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