The Sizzling Winter Desserts To Make At Home Fast

The Sizzling Winter Desserts To Make At Home Fast

Sweet-toothed people cannot go without eating a dessert irrespective of the weather or the season. Cold sweet dishes may not be a very comfortable option on a snow-chilling day, but who is stopping to bite on a piping hot caramel dripping brownie? A cozy mug of coffee and a warm slice of fruit pie can together make a cold day so much more relaxing. Winters are around the corner, and nobody wants to shiver in the kitchen the whole day yet relish a home-made sweet treat. Visit for some lip-smacking recipes.

Easy, quick, warm desserts at home

Every meal, especially a dinner time, is not complete without savoring something sugary. It does not have to be unhealthy. Fruits and fat/sugar-free ingredients are easily available now. And a cheat meal has never harmed anyone.

  • Bready Nut Banana- A fascinating name but a super easy recipe loved by all. It is perfect as a companion for tea/coffee time or even as a wholesome dessert. Fresh and warmish banana bread is too soft to melt in the mouth instantly. The crunchy nuts and soft berries make the perfect blend. The thinly lengthwise cut slices will make you crave one after the other.

  • Apple Golden Puff- For someone who wants something fruity and non-chocolaty, this sweet puff will secrete juices instantly. Wrap some sautéed apple slices in pastry dough. Please give them a fine croissant-like shape or anything easy to do. Bake and take them out when crispy golden color begins to show. That’s all! com recommends adding a scoop of your favorite ice-cream.
  • Caramel Popcorn Brownie- Is the name too tempting to resist? Well, the taste is even more spoon-licking. Get a brownie mix if you do not wish to make the batter. Pour a flavorsome layer in a microwave-safe dish, top it up with yummy little goodies like peanuts, crunchy sticks, chocolate chips, and of course, popcorns. Dribble caramel syrup all over. Bake and voila! The piping hot, delectable sweet dish is ready to serve.

Get over cookies and brownies; add some fruity syrups and relish these warm sweet dished even on the coldest night!

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