Worried about the safety of handling car accidents?

Worried about the safety of handling car accidents?

It turns out she was involved in a fairly fatal rollover accident in which the car spun four to five times.She was taken to the emergency room by an ambulance where a CAT scan revealed she may have had a broken neck. Learning this information, I asked new patients if other masseuses had received medical records from the emergency room, especially CAT scans.She replied that he said they had not.

I am very concerned that the reason she may not get better with the chiropractic modifications is because the CAT scan may have some indication of the serious injury.


Today, just a day after the new patient was born, I had my CT scan results, the radiologist advised that there might be a fracture. And believe that she had a spinal dislocation and other treatments due to a car accident!

People often ask me if spinal manipulation or modification of chiropractic care after a car accident is safe. The answer is a resounding yes! As long as the chiropractor made a thorough assessment and received a diagnosis made previously, which was not done in this case.

As a physician caring for people injured in a car accident, my main job is to make the correct diagnosis first and foremost. With this diagnosis I was able to plan an effective and inexpensive treatment. Without all the information, including diagnostic tests, this would be almost impossible.

What do we do with my new patients now?

My patients are immediately referred for an MRI followed by neurosurgery consultation to make sure the conservative treatment is safe and effective. Of course, it will take a few days for this to be done and your treatment program will be slightly delayed. However, how much better is it to play it safe?

When you see a chiropractor to be treated for a car accident, they usually do an X-ray. This is to help identify the cause of pain and injury. It also gives them a good idea of ​​how misaligned the bones are. You will then be able to align your spine the way it should be. Most people are unaware But even the slightest car accident can upset you. Visiting your doctor for pain relief only covers the pain, which means your back will come back in sore a few months later, even if you think it has been fixed.

In addition to adjusting your back to fit, this motor vehicle accident clinic near me with your chiropractor will also teach you how to strengthen your back muscles. You have to do this because it will reduce the chance that your back won’t align. Your chiropractor specializes in soft tissues, which is often a post-accident problem. These tissues can be damaged, so they’ll work with you to naturally repair the tissue.

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