Bring The Taste Of Italian-Style Pizza At Home

Bring The Taste Of Italian-Style Pizza At Home

Not living in Italy means you crave the taste of their pizza recipe if you have tasted it. But, if not, you may be wonder how does their pizza taste. What is in their pizza recipe that makes it ever-wanted by many people out there, especially the pizza lovers. Is there any secret as to why many people craved Italian-style pizza? Learn how pizza bases & piadina are made to bring home the Italian-style pizza recipe at home. No wonder, you were not born Italian but you baked like Italian. Probably, it makes your family feel lucky that the taste of Italian pizza has arrived unexpectedly on the table.

The homemade pizza dough

Italian-style pizza has this dough that is thin and crust. Meaning, the pizza bases are not all about being thick to make it crusty. Instead, being thin makes it perfectly crusty. It makes the toppings more taste than the pizza bases. Yes, it is how pizzas in Italy are more loved by pizza lovers because they focused more on the pizza base before the toppings. Enjoying more the taste of pizza comes from the base up to the toppings. Prepare all the basic ingredients of making pizza base, such as:

  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Olive

Choosing the best types of flour to use is very important. It is how the Italian pizza base is made. Pick a specially-made flour that is superfine. It should be like baby powder to make a perfect dough. All-purpose flour can replace the specially-made flour for pizza dough. However, the dough of all-purpose flour can be teared up easily. Bread flour can also be a second option if the two options are not available. Although it is a good replacement if the two are unavailable, you will have difficulty in the shaping process. Therefore, if you plan to bake a pizza, prepare all the specific ingredients to achieve the perfect pizza base.

Developing gluten: resting versus rising

The method is called the resting period that takes 4-5 hours. Keep in mind that getting the best texture of the pizza comes from how the dough rested and not the rising period. Gluten continually develops during the dough is resting. It creates classic chewy crust. It is very important to take note of this. It is the common reason why many bakers can’t achieve the right crust of pizza dough. They fail to differentiate and understand between rising and resting of dough.

Making a piadina!

Pizza is not just the only popular food in Italian but piadina as well. The Italian flatbread is also made from how the pizza base is made. Ingredients are the same as the pizza base. Now, if you are planning to make Italian flatbread, you can use the ingredients of the pizza base for the dough and do the shaping.

Both pizza bases and piadina are made with the same ingredients, you can make it at the convenience of your home.

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