Five Instruments You Can Buy From A Music Shop In Chelmsford

Five Instruments You Can Buy From A Music Shop In Chelmsford

Some musical shops only have pianos while some prevail in percussion instruments like drums, cymbals, congas, and more. However, when you want to set up a music studio, you cannot settle down with a single type of musical instrument. Instead, you will need stringed instruments, percussions, reed instruments, and more.

There are a couple of musical instrument shops in Chelmsford where you can get a myriad of options, starting from acoustics to percussions. If you aren’t aware of the product types you can find in these stores, do not worry much. Here, we will shed light on the top five musical instruments you need to buy from a shop in Chelmsford.

Guitars And Violins

The most important instrument type you will find in any music shop Chelmsford is the stringed instruments. In this category, you will have two options- guitars and violins. In these, sounds are produced due to the tension of strings and therefore, their pitch and loudness are medium. Violins are used mainly for melodious music while guitars can be used for low to medium pitched sounds.

Percussion Sets

Percussion instruments consist of drums, cymbals, and congas. The bass of the instruments depends on the type of perc you have chosen. For example, the cymbals and snare drums are considered as low bass instruments whereas the drums and congas can produce high bass. Besides, the sound frequency of each instrument will also differ based on the surface area, type of the instrument, and the tension of their stretched surfaces.


One of the most important instruments found in any music shop Chelmsford is the piano. There are two types of this music instrument- acoustic pianos and digital pianos. Even though both are reed instruments, the sounds produced will have different frequency responses, bass, and pitch. If you want to have a piano with built-in equalisers, digital instruments will be your best choice. On the other hand, traditional music can be produced with acoustic pianos.

Orchestral Instruments

If you need to buy orchestral sets, you need to look for shops having all the instruments needed to form the basic orchestra. For example, you will need violins, cello, double string bass, harps, woodwinds or flutes, piccolo, oboe, contrabassoon, saxophone, timpani, bass drum, gongs, and cymbals. Apart from these instruments, there are several others also that need to be included in the orchestra set, especially for concerts or stage performances. So, make sure your chosen musical shop has all the instruments you will primarily need for forming the orchestral team.

Amplifiers And FX Instruments

You need to generate loud and high pitched sounds for live concerts and stage performances. Also, you will need to mix the music so as to get the desired sounds. For both these performances, the two most important musical instruments required are amplifiers and FX instruments.


As you now know the types of musical instruments you can find in any music shop in Chelmsford, we are certain that you won’t have any problem buying them. But do ensure that the instruments are made from top-notch materials and can produce soothing sounds.

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