Good Waste Management Practices for Your Company

Good Waste Management Practices for Your Company

By nature, organic waste, such as plant material, food waste, paper products, etc., is very harmful to nature. However, waste disposal can be recycled using some biological, digestive composting method.There are three excellent reasons why all companies are interested in their commercial composting Australia:


Most waste, especially plastics, can take decades to thousands of years to completely decompose. This means that the amount of useful land needed to house and control these piles of garbage is enormous and is increasing day by day. It also means that some of these materials create toxicity in the soil, water, and air surrounding landfill facilities, not to mention emissions from trucks that transport waste to landfills.


Taking a stand and leading the responsibility of waste management makes your company a good corporate citizen. Show potential clients and clients that you care about the world, which means you also need to care about the people who live there. People respect responsible companies and are more likely to strive for your products/services and become loyal customers.


It makes sense to engage in good waste management practices for your company. But how do you start? Here are some ideas to start your campaign:

Set a foundation: Review your current consumption and measure the waste it generates, both in the products/packages you order from other companies and what your employees generate in break rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, bathrooms, and work stations. You cannot measure progress without knowing where you are

Create a campaign

Inform your employees of what you are trying to do as a company and challenge them all to do their part to reduce waste. Replace Styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates, and plastic tableware with ceramic cups, ceramic plates, and silver metallic utensils that can be washed and reused. Ask for ideas from your team on reducing the amount of incoming waste and what can be done to reduce the waste generated internally. Engage your employees and be a good citizen by implementing your own program.


Organic matter is the easiest to decompose in a landfill, but in general, it is also the heaviest waste generated. Finding alternative ways to remove food leftovers from the waste stream, especially if you have a cafeteria or other employee canteen within your business, you are turning waste into a useful product commercial composting Australia is a great way. Working with a local food bank to supply them with old items is still good. Believe it or not, items that you cannot compost or donate to a food bank can also be a great source of food for a local pig farm.

You must choose the most appropriate collection arrangement for your recoverable materials. Ask your current waste service provider, whether it is a private operator or part of the city council, the most appropriate collection system for your business.

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