How to Have a Luxurious-Looking Bathroom

How to Have a Luxurious-Looking Bathroom

We certainly want our bathrooms to be like a haven with all the comforts we can get. But we also want our bathrooms to withstand all types of heavy use from steam showers, heavy-duty cleaning supplies, and constant water. This makes it crucial to choose the bathroom materials to use wisely. Here are some tools that will enable you to have high quality bathrooms Australia that won’t make you break a bank.

Go for top quality cabinets

You can find the best options for a cheap bathroom vanity. The online retailers can offer you high-quality and trendy bathroom cabinets. Always look for a reputable supplier that can offer you top-quality semi-custom cabinets that are designed to last. Look for one that can resist warping compared to solid wood. Furniture-grade plywood is a great choice for cabinet material.

Choose the right tile for bathrooms

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Glazed porcelain tiles have been a main element when it comes to bathroom floors. This is primarily because this material is designed for consistently wet environments. This is a dense type of porcelain that does not absorb water. It is also stain-proof. This kind of porcelain tile is more costly than the usual ceramic type. It can cost more when installed, but it’s worth the investment in the long run.

Look for glass shower dividers

Most of the high quality bathrooms Australia have glass shower dividers. Tempered glass to be used as a shower divider can do wonders to your bathroom. It gives you a great feeling when taking a bath and you don’t have to think about replacing shower curtain every now and then. A glass divider is low maintenance. You can easily wipe it off with a squeegee. Always go for those with fixed panels or frameless doors since they are not likely to be derailed.

You can mirror your bathroom wall

If you have a small bathroom, you can make it appear bigger by mirroring an entire wall of the bathroom instead of just putting one above the vanity. The reflection of the light and pattern will have the same effect as a well-placed window.

Choose a dark color to make your small bathroom look larger

If you want your bathroom to appear bigger, you can paint it with a glossy dark color. It creates more depth to the space and offers the illusion of a much larger space. This will allow for a big night sky effect and lets the little amount of light in the entire space.

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