Picking the Right Chlorinator for Your Pool and Spa

Picking the Right Chlorinator for Your Pool and Spa

The reliable and efficient sanitizer or disinfectant is chlorine for swimming pools and spas. You can pick the affordable pool and spa chlorinators. The benefits of using them is effectiveness, affordability, and availability. If you overuse them, you might spoil your pool and spas. It is better to use them in required quantity to clean your spa and pool. It is important to choose the correct chlorinator for cleaning your pool and spa. Let’s discuss the picking of correct chlorinator for using in your spas and pools. 

Which chlorinator to choose as the right one for your pool and spa? 

Liquid chlorine

It is actually known as sodium hypo or sodium hypochlorite. It has a composition which is same as bleach. It consists of level of chlorine to 10-15%. It is mostly utilized in the pools that are commercial. You can directly add this chlorinator to the pool water. However, it is suggested that liquid chlorine can dispersed in the pump diaphragm or peristaltic pump. It is important to take caution before you handle it as liquid chlorine is corrosive.


This is the chlorinator which is the one that dissolves in a quick manner. It offers the accurate control over the levels of chlorine. You can dissolve it in a water bucket or to the pool water or spa. You can apply it for every week based on the load of bather. This type of chlorinate is genuine to use for every kind of pool. It is also cost effective to use and don’t use it in a chemical feeder. This is sometimes generally called as dichlor which is effective to clean pools and spa.

You can find three types of granular chlorines


It is one of the granular chlorinate which is less harsh and consists of a level of pH 7. It is stable than it last in a longer way in the water along with 62% of chlorine availability. This is a bit costly which dissolves instantly when you pour it inside a pool or spa.

Calcium hypochlorite

It consists of big granules. It is the affordable one with 3 more types of chlorine of granular. As it does not comprise of a stabilizer for protecting the loss of chlorine because of exposure of UV. It is better to utilize it with pools that are indoor and spas too.


The chlorinators are available in the form of tablets having 90% chlorine. The cost is same as the granular chlorine. These are best to use as they decrease the pool owner to maintain it. It is accessible in sizes of one inch and three inch. You can use it in the floating dispensers and chemical feeders that are automatic. It relies on the chemical feeder size and demand.

Thus, these are some of the chlorinators which are right and you can pick it based on your pool and spa.

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