Signs Indicate Your Water System Is Increasing The Legionella Problem

Signs Indicate Your Water System Is Increasing The Legionella Problem

You may be confused with the term Legionella. Let us explain it a bit. It’s basically a highly harmful bacterium that only gets produced in water. Lots of people every year get affected by this highly toxic bacterium. It affects the human stomach directly when one drinks water that contains this bacterium. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), contamination of Legionella in your water system can cause serious health issues like Legionnaires. This is a life-threatening disease that gets spread through water. Now you may ask if there is a way to avoid the risk of such disease. Well, there is actually a super effective way. But before taking any action you need to be sure that your water system is running with this serious issue. Here we are listing some signs that could be considered as the indicator of this problem.

A Weird Smell In The Water- If you feel the water you drink smells a bit weird then you may need to arrange a Legionella risk assessment immediately. Sometimes we ignore these minor signs and as a consequence, we get into more serious trouble. So do not take this sign for granted. Rather pay more attention and observe whether this smell is consistent or not.

A Feeling Of Vomiting That Lasts The Whole Day- If you feel a vomiting tendency for the entire day without any significant reason then maybe the problem lies with your water system. Contamination of legionella could cause water toxicity and make your entire water system toxic. And people who drink such toxic water get a feeling of nausea for the whole day. They often wonder about the sources of this problem but can’t get it spotted until they are conducting a risk assessment.

Water Tastes A Bit Different- Although water has no specific taste to be recognised. But if your water system has this harmful bacterium called Legionella then it may taste a bit different than its usual taste. Though this is a very rare sign which very few people can notice, if you can somehow realise the change then do not wait further. Get a Legionella risk assessment conducted in your water system as soon as possible. We can’t see this bacterium through our naked eyes so this assessment is the only way to know whether your water system is all healthy or not.

Your Family Members Are Being Sick Altogether- This is a very possible sign that you shouldn’t ignore. If you see all your family members getting sick altogether and developing symptoms like nausea, fever, headache and stomach pain then it’s maybe the issue of your water system. Get it checked immediately and take all the necessary actions.

Thus to conclude, all the above-listed signs should be taken seriously. Also arranging a frequent risk assessment is recommended here.

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