The 4 wise tips that you can use when you buy a quilt cover

The 4 wise tips that you can use when you buy a quilt cover

Other people may not go to dig deeper into the details. The quilt cover is just a cover for your quilt that is washable the same with the pillowcases. But some people will think that a quilt cover is more essential. They want to have a beautiful decoration inside their bedroom and have a good night’s sleep. The quilt cover is a blanket that has different designs, materials, and colors. When you have no idea how to buy a quilt cover you can use these tips before buying.

The design

Thinking about choosing your new quilt is not only appealing that will come first. The first thing you need to do is check the right side of your bed and duvet. As you don’t want to buy the wrong size for your bed. And also it correlates to your decorations and furniture inside your room.

Having a vintage quilt cover has a different price compared to a regular quilt cover. It doesn’t matter whether it is a single-piece quilt cover or a complicated weave, materials, and brand. It will all affect the pricing. You can buy king quilt covers online as they have amazing designs and they are at the right price.

The material

Those quilt covers are made of different kinds of materials. It will differ on the cotton blends, flannel, cotton, and luxurious silk. The prices will also be different. The same goes for the materials’ characteristics such as how easy it is to clean. Buying a thicker quilt cover is perfect for winter. As they have an added heat insulation to make you feel warm during those cold seasons. And for summer you might want to buy lighter quilt covers.

When you have pets that are sleeping in your bed you must avoid using satin or silk fabrics for your quilt covers. If you love your pets to sleep in your bed then you need to use vintage quilt sets. It will hide those little marks from your duvet covers. You also need to consider when you have sensitive skin. It is better to buy a natural and breathable fiber such as microfiber, cotton, and bamboo.

The thread count

It will matter how many horizontal and vertical threads are there in every square meter. Having a higher thread count in any fabric will make you feel softer and comfortable. When you buy a higher thread count it will trap the heat than letting the airflow. There is also a good quality low thread count that allows the air to move freely and it will have a soft feeling.

More features

You will know a lot of features in the quilt cover sets that you will see in the market. There are quilt covers that are adaptable for washing machines and drying. Other quilt covers need to be pre-washed to avoid any shrink. It will look great but the durability is hard to maintain.

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