Top 6 Must-Have Party Decors

Top 6 Must-Have Party Decors

Birthdays are always special; but when you’re throwing a party, you need not break a bank to do it. If you want it to be extra special and personalized, you can make DIY party decorations. These may include embellished party hats, ice cream hanging decors, paper pinwheels, balloon backdrop, multicolored ribbon chandelier, cascading pink confetti, etc. You may do one or two of these or all of them and even add more. Doing so entails the use of party supplies. Here are some of the must-have party supplies when it comes to party decors:

The Basics

When we say basic, this refers to napkins, cups, and paper plates. It helps if you choose the cute versions of these. The paper plates and cups will come in handy for surprise visitors or surprise parties since they are easy to clean up.


It’s helpful to keep velvet ribbons of various colors. They can be used for many purposes. It can be used for tying cutlery together, for balloons, and for napkins or glasses to determine which drink the guest prefers. These are only a few of the possible uses.

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A lot of people use and keep uninflated balloons for parties, and it’s for a good reason. One thing is that they don’t take up much space even in your closet. They can be easily blown up, giving you that party feeling instantly. You can get balloons of various sizes, shapes, and colors to make it more fun.


Confetti is another space saver yet it says party every time you see it. They have many uses and today there are multiple colors, shapes, combos, letter messages, and others that you haven’t seen in the past.


Apart from the regular flowers you buy from the flower shop, having vases stored at home can make a great party accessory. You can simply buy grocery store flowers of the same shape and size and put them in vases with colored water in them; this makes for lovely party decor.


Candles can make any casual party become extra special. For starters, it’s better to have the regular white candles or taper candles ready. But you may also keep candles of varying sizes, shapes, and colors for every type of party. You can buy them when the items are on sale.

Floral Foam

You can have magazine-worthy flower arrangements and centerpieces at home with the help of floral foam. After soaking it quickly in water, it is now ready for your flowers and greens. If you want the arrangement to last longer, you can place it in the sink and soak it in water every three to four days.

Mason Jars

A collection of jars can be used in many ways at a party. Jars can be used as glasses, vases, snack containers, candle holders, and others.

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