What Are The Major Perks Of Ortho K Singapore?

What Are The Major Perks Of Ortho K Singapore?

Orthokeratology is also known as corneal refractive therapy, which is useful in reducing myopia. If you are wearing lenses all the time, even while sleeping,it can alter your cornea’s shape. So, if you want to consider Ortho K Singapore then you need to know some of the best benefits of it. Are you all set to have a look at the article details mentioned below?

OrthoK – know the best benefits

Before you opt for OrthoK therapy, here are the benefits you ought to know, and these include the following:

  • Easy and comfortable treatment: Like you might have heard about the discomfort brought by rigid gas permeable contact lenses. This isn’t going to happen with OrthoK as you need to wear lenses only at night not to bother you.
  • Convenient and safe treatment method: This is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t have long term side effects. Due to the convenience and safety offered by ortho-K, even children can undergo this treatment.
  • Prevents dry eye: If you wear a contact lens during the day, you might experience dry eye symptoms. This causes discomfort, but with OrthoK, this doesn’t happen,which is a huge benefit of opting for this treatment.

However, it would be best if you discussed your eye specialist with your eye specialist. These days, people have understood the benefits offered by orthokeratology and prefer it over LASIK surgery.

Before going for any treatment, you need to understand everything about it. Thus visiting an experienced eye specialist is highly recommended.

Go through the internet and check out reviews about the best eye specialists in town. Also, you can ask around for recommendations so that you know you are making the right choice.

Inquire about everything you want to know about the treatment beforehand so that there are no hassles later.

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