Detect, monitor, assess and diagnose with a CT scan

Detect, monitor, assess and diagnose with a CT scan

Image care is one of the most reliable diagnostic centres in Morristown. The screening centre provides the services to its patients with so much care and attention to your needs. They are associated with the best radiologist who performs a wide range of medical imaging services. The screening techniques are not only used for diagnostic purposes but also for preventive measures too. If you are looking to go for a CT scan you can visit a CT scan in Morristown, NJ. This is the best place to get your screening done with accurate results. The centre compassionately offers cost-effective services.

When do you need a CT scan?

The faculty present in the image care centre are pride in offering the best services to the patients. They are known for their accurate medical imaging. CT scan is a diagnostic procedure which uses X-rays to capture detailed images of the structures which are present inside the body. The CT scanner is attached to the table on which the patient lies during the procedure. The CT scanner Machine is present in doughnut shape. The CT scanner sends X-rays from the body part that must be studied. Each round of the CT scan machine provides the image of a thin image of the body part. If the body part is not visible then the CT scan is performed by sending the contrast material orally or intravenously.

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CT scan is used to study the different parts of our body like the chest, arm, leg, pelvis and belly. It is also used to study the changes in the liver, intestine, pancreas, spinal cord, kidneys, bladder, lungs, heart, adrenaline glands, and also blood vessels. CT scan is advised by your physician to diagnose brain tumours, cancers, arterial abnormalities, and bone fractures, and to examine post-surgical success for the spine and extremities. Image care centre understands the needs of the patients and is always ready to help them in diagnosing the disease perfectly. If you have any queries regarding the procedure, amount you can contact them without any hesitation. They are always ready to help their patients to get the services done.

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