Integration with the armored door system

Integration with the armored door system

The Armored Door is not limited to having the function of separating two environments, but it proposes to significantly increase the safety of the home and consequently the pleasure of living it at 360 °.

To transform this intention into a concrete reality, we have chosen the systems which for over years has been tracing the path of technological innovation through automation solutions aimed at improving people’s daily lives, since they make their activities easier and faster metal gate smart lock.

The benefits of integration:

  • Access control system via Crestron
  • Access to registration
  • Custom user permissions
  • Programmable time bands

Storage of up to 100 fingerprints and 100 RFID transponders

All this is made possible by an invisible technology, which leaves room for experience, giving the user a smart, intuitive and simple home, able to manage comfortably from a single system – with a simple touch or with one’s own voice – the ” switching the lights on and off, opening the curtains, the sound system and thermostats, among other things.

The system is completely customizable in every detail , precisely because each house is a unique expression of our lives.

Manage access by time slots with the fingerprint scanner

The possibility of customization goes even further: it is also possible to manage access by time slots , which can be modified at any time according to the change of your needs, family or work. You will be able to guarantee access to bellboys, employees, servants or cleaning staff in your absence, only and exclusively at the precise hours of carrying out their duties , thus protecting your privacy and your environments.

You no longer have to hand them a key that could be replicated. Everything will be controlled by the fingerprint scan.

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