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Four essential tips if you are planning for a spring camping trip

Four essential tips if you are planning for a spring camping trip

Spring may be a few months from now, but are you already feeling the excitement? For sure you are already planning for your next spring camping trip with your friends or your family. For many springs is hands down one of the best times of the year to go out hiking and camping, where you can smell the fresh green air from the trees, the flora blooming, and there is a whole new life everywhere you look.

However, for many campers out there, it is a big challenge to plan out and execute all your plans that you listed down considering that spring is also the season where the weather is very wet and very unpredictable which requires a lot of careful planning, preparation, and a more realistic approach to your camping trip.

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Before you even plan out and choose the best campsites or look for the best hiking trails in your area, why not take a moment of your time to read these important Spring Camping Tips that will surely give you the best camping trip of the year.

  1. Get fit- You have enough time to trim down your weight so that you can keep up with your friends while trekking or climbing a steep hill. There are a lot of reasons for you to get fit because you have to pack all the necessary gear that you have to use because you are well aware of how unpredictable the weather is in spring. You will carry more gear than your usual camping trips. Try running three to five kilometer a day, or run on a treadmill to start up your camping trip fitness regimen.
  2. Expect the unexpected- The trail that you have crossed last year will be totally different this year so you have to pace yourself. These trails could be covered with thick bush and plants, or you have to deal with mud, dirt that will turn the trail into an instant obstacle so expect that hiking on these trails will be more challenging and will take longer than regular.
  3. Check the conditions of the camping site- Spring is very tricky in predicting the weather for the next few days because it can rain cats and dogs all of a sudden without any weather update. If your trail and camping site is located above, it might be better than you pack winter essentials, or waterproof gear just to make sure. The weather forecast from point A to point B can drastically change and be different than the forecast that you had.
  4. Use your winter gear- Just like what is mentioned above, the weather could turn from bad to worse during spring, it is not always sunshine and warm weather that you can experience especially if you hike on a place of higher altitude. So, consider using winter gear for your planned spring camping trip because the temperature could also plunge at night time and in the afternoon. Even on sunny and warm days, the temperature could be so chilly that you need another layer of clothing to make sure you are cozy and comfortable.