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Eat And Stay Healthy With Low-GI foods

Eat And Stay Healthy With Low-GI foods

We all know about the importance of eating a healthy diet. The food we eat can have an impact on our body’s blood glucose level. When planning our meal, we should base it on the Glycemic Index (GI). This index ranks food based on how quickly they are digested. When going on a diet meal, you should do it the healthy way with low GI foods. According to dietitians, these types of foods are slowly digested and hence are more filling. They are ideal for weight loss and maintaining blood glucose levels.

What Are Low Glycemic Foods?

Low glycemic foods cause minor changes in blood sugar level. A diet consisting of low GI foods has been proven to have significant overall health benefits such as weight loss. They can be classified into “no carb” and “good carb.” From the name itself, the former contains entirely or mostly proteins, fats, and/or water. They are often called “low carb” diet. The latter, on the other hand, results in relatively small increases in blood sugar level when taken in “normal” or “average” sizes. Low carb foods may include the following:

Low Glycemic Foods

● Meats, poultry, fish
● Nuts and seeds
● Cheese
● Oils and Fats
● Eggs, tofu
● Many vegetables

The following may also qualify as “no-carb”:

● Legumes (kidney beans, baked beans, chickpeas)
● Sweet potato
● Low-fat dairy products (milk, yoghurt)
● Many whole fruits (including apples and oranges, which are affordable year round)
● Pasta (excepting ‘quick cook’ varieties)
● Wholegrain breads
● Wholegrain cereals (oats: one of the reigning champions of low-GI living)

“Good carb” foods should be your main source of carbohydrates. Nutritionists recommend choosing foods that are part of the core food groups.

What Foods To Choose

So how do you choose the foods to include in your diet? Go for those that are certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation. Food products bearing the foundation’s symbol meet all the criteria for energy and weight management. White, brown, and steamed rice are recommended alternatives for rice varieties such as Arborio, Jasmine, and Calrose.

A Healthy Reminder

It is worth noting that low-GI foods do not automatically mean it has nutritional value. Chocolate is has low glycemic index but it is not a healthy choice. While most of us may already be aware of it, it is worth repeating that the foods you should choose should have multi-skills across the nutritional spectrum.

So no matter how much you crave for those food that can increase your blood sugar, always think of this formula: Low-GI + High-Nutritional IQ = Healthier Body + Soul.