How to Promote Your Coffee Fundraising Event

How to Promote Your Coffee Fundraising Event

In a fundraising event, your goal is to develop a broad base of loyal donors that believe in the work that you do. Fundraising is basically the process of collecting money as donations for a chosen cause. If in this case, you’re planning a fundraising event, it’s time you organize a gourmet coffee fundraiser.

What makes coffee a good fundraising idea? You should be aware that coffee is the second most traded commodity on Earth next to oil. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times as much coffee as the rest of the United States. With this, there is no doubt that coffee is the perfect fundraising idea.

Here’s how to promote your coffee fundraising event:

Through the sales team
Keep in mind that a coffee fundraiser will be profitable with good promoting and selling. Before anything, you need a sales team. The sales team will be the key to a successful fundraising event. You should know that the main form of promoting is directly from your sales team – through word of mouth.

If you have a youth group, you need to find volunteers from other members and supporters.  After setting the sales pitch to use with prospective customers, the next thing to do is to plan your launch. This is the perfect time to get your team motivated and excited for the next steps. At this stage, do not forget to set up an incentive program as a form of encouragement for the sellers.

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Through announcements
Aside from your sales team or by word of mouth, there is another method of promoting coffee fundraiser – through announcements. If you attend gatherings, make it a point to announce the fundraiser activity whether it’s in church congregations, assemblies, and other events.

On top of gatherings, you should also put the announcement in all letters and other correspondences. This is to increase awareness. Do not forget your newsletters, class reports and thank you letters.

Through social media
Social media can make a huge difference at the end of the day. It can spread news quickly more than anything else. With this, it’s important that you include social media in your promotional strategies. Aside from announcing your fundraiser online, you should remember to constantly update your progress for awareness sake.

The first thing that you should do is to set up a Facebook page, Pinterest account, Twitter account, and Instagram account. As soon as you set up, it’s time that you encourage the people to share your posts and spread the word in their personal accounts. Remember to post images of the coffee products as it can entice more customers.

Through your website
If your organization has a website, you need to make good use of it by announcing the fundraiser with an article.

Through letters or emails
Lastly, you should create a fundraising letter request and send it to all members, supporters and donor list. Aside from letters, do not forget about sending emails too. Put all the details and ensure that you tell the story in a compelling way that will attract individuals to your cause.

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